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Delicious Food Daily Training & Education

In order to deliver wellness to others, we must be well ourselves. Clarissa Kussin is a board certified holistic personal chef, juicer, nutrition and health counselor who has spent the past 25 years striving to raise the standard of whole food cooking in each establishment she has engaged with. She is the visionary and creator of Delicious Food Daily (DFD).


Clarissa became interested in the cause and effect relationship between the health of her body and the foods that she ate which led to her enrolling in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She then further expanded her knowledge by studying with Dr. Collin T. Campbell at Cornell University focusing on Plant Based Nutrition. Fusing the essential business elements of her career with her own diverse culinary style, her distinct “delicious whole food cuisine” was born. Clarissa is the student to Dr. Robert Morse. For over 42 years, Dr. Robert Morse has developed personalized health programs suited for the individual that restore the human body back to health and vitality. Our health programs are focused on two major fluids (blood and lymph) and the cells of the body: leading to detoxification and regeneration. The medical community is “treatment-based” and has no curative value. Our focus is to help the human race to change their consciousness from “treatment-based” thinking to HEALTH. Clarissa completed Cellular Regeneration Level 1 training as a Detoxification Specialists at the International School of Detoxification and is currently studying to become an Iridologist. Clarissa also teaches Mindful Yoga Therapy for  Veterans on a one on one basis.  


DFD provides Training & Education on how to prepare and sustain delicious, balanced meals made with fresh, local, and organic ingredients.  DFD operates on the theory that food can be poison or food can be medicine and empowers all clients to grow, buy, cook and eat the best food available. DFD can organize and facilitate events for an individual or for several hundred at a group Warrior Wellness event.  



Clarissa Kussin is the founder of the WWS Delicious Food Daily Program (DFD).  As a value added service to the organization, Clarissa makes sure the Team is operating at the TIP OF THE SPEAR by personally Health Counseling the team when ever necessary.

Delicious Food Daily Services:


*Private Chef Services

*Live Cooking Demonstrations

*Holistic Nutrition Workshops

*Personal Food Shopping

*Kitchen Re-Organization

*Sustainable Garden Projects

*Cellular Regeneration Protocols

*Holistic Health Coaching