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Martial Arts for Vets

Martial arts are great for the body. Regular martial arts training strengthens and tones muscles, adds flexibility, increases stamina, improves hand eye coordination.


While many think of martial arts as violent, it is actually used for self-defense. It does not encourage violence but teaches the student how to control anger and how to use self-control and restraint. Students are taught self-discipline, and the rigors of training builds character and self-confidence. This confidence carries over into everyday life and, as a result, mixed martial arts students tend to be become a more developed version of themselves.


Martial Arts training supports our mission because it teaches its students responsiblity, consequence, courtesy, self-control, perseverance and integrity.


Clay Burwell

Clay Burwell

Martial Arts Program Director                                                           


One of the top 100 trainers in America - Men’s Journal


For inquiries, or if you are an instructor who is interested in participating in our programs for the military and veterans, contact Clay.