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Wounded Warrior Testimonials

"I don’t know where I would be without the support of Warrior Wellness Solutions.  I was still in chronic pain after numerous surgeries and on copius amounts of pain medication when I discovered Warrior Wellness Solutions.  After just six months of Integrative Nutrition and Foundation Training I am now off all of my pain medications and no longer use a cane.  My mobility and over life attitude have improved dramatically and that has transferred to my family, my wife, and my three daughters."

Sgt. G.R.

USMC Wounded Warrior Bn. East Camp Lejeune


“After being blown up in Afghanistan by an IED, Warrior Wellness Solutions provided me with Integrative Nutrition, Foundation Training, Rehabilitative Exercise, and Mindful Yoga Therapy. These tools created a paradigm shift in my life and gave me the opportunity to reintegrate and successfully stay in the fight.  There’s nothing else I’d rather do.

I love being a Marine.”

Cpl. Michael Politowicz, USMC

Combat Wounded Purple Heart Recipient

USMC Wounded Warrior Bn East Camp Lejeune


Michael is part of the rare 1% of combat-wounded service members who return to active duty. To learn more about his story click here.


“Going to the Marine Corps’ Wounded Warrior Battalion was the best thing to ever happen to me, and the organization who impacted my life the most was Warrior Wellness Solutions.  You have saved my life and changed my entire way of thinking.  You relieved all the hatred, anger and negativity from my body and proved to me that no physical or mental Injury should have to sacrifice me from living the life I want.  Which is to be: active, peaceful, humble, positive, healthy, strong, intelligent and open minded.  I wish I were still on Active Duty; I could really go far now.  It's hard to accept, but that life is behind me.  But I need you all to know how much of a positive impact you made on me.  You folks have sacrificed something for me, and it is an appreciation I would love for everyone to understand.  So just know one thing, your organization has changed one person’s life, my life.  And I know that counts for something.  And I love you and thank you as I continue to help myself in controlling the way war and other tragedies have changed my life.

You will never, ever be forgotten. You are my heroes”

Lcpl. A.T., USMC

Combat Wounded Purple Heart Recipient


“We are lucky to have organizations like Warrrior Wellness Solutions to support us in the rehabilitation of our wounded Marines and their families.”

Colonel -USMC


"The Training & Education programs that Warrior Wellness Solutions facilitate have made a resounding impact on the healing of Wounded Warriors in my command at Wounded Warrior Battalion East.”

Lt. Colonel-USMC


Warrior Wellness Solutions is at the Tip of the Spear in creating a Paradigm Shift in Wounded Warrior Training & Education. We Salute You.”

Company Commander

USMC Wounded Warrior Bn East Camp Lejeune



I felt it was time for change, and after speaking with Clarissa Kussin of Warrior Wellness Solutions' Delicious Food Daily Program.  I was turned onto a more holistic approach to sustaining energy levels. Sure, I was resistant at first. I didn't know how my body would react to the new "bionic fuel," and the fact that I am a stubborn person made me resistant to change. So I did some research, bought a few products (e.g., chia seeds, and goji berries), and mixed up a small sample of gel.  I'll admit that the taste wasn't bad, although naturally it depends on how you make it and what ingredients you include. Sure it doesn't taste like that mango-peach flavored gel packet in your running shorts, but it's palatable.  


After just one day of taking my new "Gochi" fuel, I felt better, had an increase in energy that lasted throughout the day, and the next morning I did not feel groggy. In fact, I couldn't wait for my alarm clock to go off, so that I could consume another serving. All of this and I hadn't even used it for any physical activities yet.  A day later, I went out on a 7 mile run  and mixed up a slurry that could be used in my ZeroGoo hydration system. The results were incredible. Although I have to perfect the actual mixture, the chia seeds flowed through the siphon with ease, and the "tang" of the goji berries left me instantly energized.  Post-run, there were no adverse affects. Immediately after de-masking I felt more aware of my surroundings and was ready to go for another 7 miles.  


Don't take my word for it. I am just another "meat and potatoes" guy, who was tired of the negative effects associated with the various processed energy supplements and wanted to try something new.  So I did the research, talked with some motivating nutrionists and made the switch. Even my wife has begun using "Gochi." A word of caution though; do NOT let your children try it, unless you have the energy to keep up with them (long story)!


For everyone involved, thank you.


MSGT Matt Small




MSGT Matthew Small




Holds the Guiness World Record for running the fastest off-road half marathon while wearing a AVON C50 gas mask

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