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Warrior Wellness Solutions fills a critical gap in services and treatment for Wounded, Ill, Injured (WII) Warriors and their caregivers by providing multi-dimensional holistic health and wellness lifestyle solutions. The Warrior Wellness Solutions Program addresses warriors’ and their caregivers health and wellness by providing them with the tools to create a sustained impact on their lives; using the modalities of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, Cellular Regeneration & Detoxification, Rehabilitated Exercise, Functional Movement, and Mindful Yoga Therapy. This program teaches participants how to increase energy, release weight, become their own health advocate and implement sustainable health practices with meeting long-term goals for individual warriors and their caregivers to improve their overall personal health and wellness goals and enhance relationships.  



The Warrior Wellness Solutions Program consists of intensive 1:1 individualized sessions, workshops and classes for warriors and their caregivers.  The program focuses on 1) holistic nutrition and cellular detoxification practices that support tissue and injury repair ; reduce inflammation and body fat ; and enhance overall mental and physical health 2) adaptive functional movement exercise program unique to veterans’ injuries that improves strength, balance, and flexibility; 3) mindful yoga therapy practice that mitigates the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and that provides physical rehabilitation benefits; and 4) Burris Institute Life Coaching facilitating Subconscious Restructuring ® and improving Emotional Wellness™, and 5) establish a clear path to balance in their mind, body, and spirit. This coaching involves 1) structured curriculum and programs in nutrition and functional movement, 2) in-depth, one-on-one coaching, 3) ongoing support online or in person 4) online or in person peer mentorship and support.  




Warrior Wellness Solutions Program

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