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*Only Available to those currently enrolled in our Initial 6-month Program or Alumni of our Program located locally in Durham, NC 

Managing stress successfully requires a comprehensive approach that focuses on the mind, body and spirit working together.  While it may seem counterintuitive to address stress with combat training, Jiujitsu is designed to do just that.  In addition to increasing a sense of calm, Jiujitsu can also be used to improve physical condition, strength, and sleep patterns.


By practicing Jiu Jitsu, Warriors learn how  to cope with stress, reduce anxiety and boost resilience when faced with known and unknown challenges.  The purpose of traditional martial arts is to train a warrior’s mind and body.  Jiujitsu focuses not only on physical combat, but also the development of certain psychological characteristics such as clear decision-making, confidence and control. Training in Jiujitsu can help develop resilient characteristics through controlled breathing and movement techniques.  

Although Jiujitsu can be physically and psychologically demanding, they are very helpful in understanding your own stress signals. Part of being resilient is learning how to identify stress signals and respond to challenges logically and calmly.  Practicing Jiujitsu can improve physical and psychological well-being by increasing confidence and teaching relaxation, focus and body control.

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