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Combat Athlete Program

The Combat Athlete Program works in concert with companies, university studies, Department of Defense and Veterans Administration initiatives to facilitate the delivery of training and equipment focused on human performance optimization, injury prevention and rehabilitation for the warfighter community.  Our work is focused on solutions for physiological demands and associated injuries and establish mission-specific human performance protocols to mitigate the incidence and severity of injuries, maximize human capital and combat readiness.  We work in an advisory role for research-based solutions to meet current and emerging challenges, needs, and related- requirements.  We utilize biomechanical, musculoskeletal, and physiological protocols to systematically mitigate injuries, enhance performance and improve the length and quality of the active duty life cycle and quality of life after discharge​.  We help identify the priorities necessary for enhancement and change in the current physical training program.  The overall objective of the Combat Athlete Program is to assist in developing injury prevention and performance optimization programs that are culturally specific and dynamically responsive to the unique tactical demands of the Combat Athlete.  Our work results in enhanced mission readiness and effectiveness, decreased time lost due to disability, personnel attrition, and financial burden associated with medical expenses and disability compensation.  Our approach identifies the operational and training-related tasks during which musculoskeletal injuries occur that increase the risk of training and tactical injuries while reducing the capacity for peak operating efficiency, and nutritional interventions to optimize physical readiness and wellness. 


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