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How WE Work

Many of our warriors have been stripped of their mobility and health and struggle with low self esteem related to a disability or psychological injury.  The Warrior Wellness Solutions program is designed to build confidence through whole health solutions assisting severely depressed warriors to move forward from personal withdrawal and fear of rehabilitation. The program begins with an initial intake and assessment with the warrior (and his or her caregiver) and a trained Warrior Wellness Solutions (WWS) Health Coach. The program framework is explained; the trained staff member gathers preliminary data to initiate the recovery process. The warrior receives a Warrior Wellness Kit, containing essential wellness starter items such as a juicer, blender, exercise bands, weights, educational materials, and recreational therapy equipment. The WWS health and wellness practitioner creates a personalized program

designed to reboot the mind and body. Functional movement exercise is combined with nutritional counseling, along with Functional Medicine Health Coaching creating an approach the approach that is simple yet powerful and at no cost to the Wounded, Ill, or Injured warrior and their Caregiver.  Depending on the needs of the warrior, the program will last from 6 weeks to 6 months.

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