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We are uniquely different from other nonprofits that serve the wounded veteran and service member community in that we provide tools for a better life that are facilitated through evidence-based best practices that have measured outcomes.  Many nonprofits focus on group trips, events, or providing material support that create a temporary benefit the individual.  The recipient or participant of the latter may feel good for a brief time, be it a day, week, or month.  That feeling often diminishes over time and that individual is often right back where they started.  We believe that addressing wellness with training and education is the nucleus of creating a paradigm shift in the lives of those we serve.  The results from our programs ripple throughout the support networks of our clients and influence friends, family and their communities.

On average participants of WWS’s programs have:

• Lost 15% body fat

• Lost 30 lbs. in body weight

• Reduces their medication from a daily average intake of 10 pharmaceutical substances down to 0–3


• Reduced their cholesterol

• Reduced their blood pressure

• Reduced their resting heart rate

• Reduced their risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer

• Improved their functional movement and mobility

• Increased their strength and flexibility

90% of the participants in our programs report:

• Reduced symptoms of post-traumatic stress

• Reduced symptoms of traumatic brain injury

• Reduced stress

• Improved sleep patterns

• Reduced medication

• An increase in home-cooked meals

• Increased physical activity

• Improved interpersonal relationships

• A greater sense of purpose and improved overall wellness

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