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Why We Succeed

Personal success through intensive training and transformation of the mind, body and spirit creates change that lasts a lifetime. The individualized 1:1 sessions, retreats, workshops and classes for units, warriors and their caregivers focus on:

1) Holistic nutrition combined with detoxification protocols to support injury repair, reduce inflammation and body fat.

2) Adaptive functional movement exercise program, tailored to the individual warrior’s injuries, that improves strength, balance and flexibility.

3) Mindfulness based yoga and mediation to mitigate the effects of post-traumatic stress (PTS) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

4) Burris Institute Life Coaching, which facilitates Subconscious Restructuring® and improves Emotional Wellness™.

Warrior Wellness Solutions has successfully designed a warrior-centered curriculum which addresses nutrition and functional movement, provides one-on-one, online or in-person coaching, support and peer mentorship pairing.

Our success is demonstrated by testimonials from those we have served, comprehensive client evaluation and biometrics.

Our Clients Learn To:

• Perform an adaptive functional movement exercise program unique to their injuries, resulting in improved strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility; shifting from pain to performance.

• Implement holistic nutrition practices that address the root causes of neurotoxicity and chronic preventable illnesses, resulting in tissue and injury repair, reduction of body fat and enhanced overall mental and physical health.

• Incorporate mindfulness based yoga and meditation practices that promote post-traumatic growth and physical and mental rehabilitation while mitigating effects of combat-related injuries such as TBI and PTSD.

• Redefine their life purpose and mission by improving their Emotional Wellness™ using Burris Institute Life Coach strategies that implement Subconscious Restructuring®, establishing a clear path to achieve balance in the mind, body and spirit.

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