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Warrior Wellness Solutions Receives Grant Award from Disabled Veterans National Foundation

Durham, NC – 5/31/18 - Warrior Wellness Solutions (WWS) is honored to announce it has received a grant from the Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) for $25,000, which will fund individualized Functional Medicine Health Coaching, Rehabilitative Exercise, Integrative Nutrition Coaching, and Post Traumatic Growth Services for Wounded, Ill, and Injured Warriors and their Families.

Elijah Sacra, Executive Director and co-founder of Warrior Wellness Solutions said, “Receiving a grant from DVNF is an honor that recognizes the dedication, focus and effectiveness of our staff, volunteers and supporters.  As a grant recipient, our organization joins the Disabled Veterans Foundation grantee network, consisting of top-tier programs and advocates investing in the next chapter of our veterans.  Those that we serve persevere in the face of insurmountable odds and are extremely dedicated in overcoming mental and physical obstacles. With DVNF’s support, we will deliver essential health and wellness services to our nation’s Wounded, Ill and Injured Warriors and their families, further expanding the growth of Functional Medicine as the model for 21st century healthcare for that both prevents and reverses chronic disease by treating root causes of illness with diet and lifestyle change.”

"DVNF is proud to support Warrior Wellness Solutions as they continue to make a positive impact in veterans lives by delivering individualized coaching, exercise, and post traumatic services." said DVNF CEO Joseph VanFonda (USMC Sgt. Maj. Ret.). "We would like to congratulate and thank them for their commitment to serving the men and women who served in defense of our country."

About the Disabled Veterans National Foundation:

Disabled Veterans National Foundation exists to provide critically needed support to disabled and at-risk veterans who leave the military wounded—physically or psychologically—after defending our safety and our freedom.
DVNF achieves this mission by:

  • Offering direct financial support to veteran organizations that address the unique needs of veterans, and whose missions align with that of DVNF.

  • Providing supplemental assistance to homeless and low-income veterans through the Health & Comfort program and various empowerment resources.

  • Providing an online resource database that allows veterans to navigate the complex process of seeking benefits that they are entitled to as a result of their military service, as well as additional resources they need.

  • Serving as a thought leader on critical policy issues within the veteran community,and educating the public accordingly.

About Warrior Wellness Solutions:

Warrior Wellness Solutions (WWS) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization providing personalized Functional Medicine and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, Rehabilitative and Adaptive Exercise, Mindfulness, Post Traumatic Growth Training, and wellness education to Wounded, Ill and Injured Warriors, their families and caregivers.  Our programs are tailored to veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illnesses or wound co-incident to their military service.


Disabled Veterans National Foundation

Contact: Lisa Medley
Marketing and Communications Officer
(202) 847-3053

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