ROCKFEST 2019 is a benefit event for Warrior Wellness Solutions a 501(c)3 non-profit

providing nutrition coaching, rehabilitative exercise and post-traumatic stress management

to our nation’s Wounded Ill and Injured Warriors (WII). 

Cpl. Politowicz survived an IED explosion, his recovery was slow and painful

until he discovered Warrior Wellness Solutions.


Cpl. Michael Politowicz was on foot patrol in Afghanistan when an improvised explosive

device (IED) detonated three feet from him. Severely injured by shrapnel, diagnosed with

traumatic brain injury Michael was flown to the USMC Wounded Warrior Battalion East at

Camp Lejeune, N.C. He received multiple surgeries, suffered from PTSD, nightmares and was 50 pounds overweight. In addition, Michael was taking 15 medications daily to ease his symptoms. 


“I was a shut-in. I couldn’t deal with large crowds and had a hard time socially,” he said. “I couldn’t walk my dog or even walk from my house to my car.”

Politowicz’s wife Suzi reached out to Warrior Wellness Solutions, within three months working with WWS’ team of specialized nutrition and functional exercise experts Politowicz reduced his medications to one and lost the extra weight.  He continued to recover and later ran the Marine Corps Marathon, a half Ironman Triathlon and won bronze medals in shot put, discus, and cycling while competing in Warrior Games.  His story and painting is featured in President George W. Bush’s book Portraits of Courage.  Politowicz gives 100% credit for his physical and emotional transformation to Warrior Wellness Solutions. “I would not be here today if not for this amazing group of dedicated individuals.”

WWS has provided these services to thousands of warriors and their caregivers since 2008. Every donor has played an essential role in supporting our nation’s finest. With your support Warrior Wellness Solutions will continue to transform the lives of Wounded, Ill, and Injured Warriors and their Families. Funds raised from Rockfest 2019 will be invaluable in assisting WWS in its mission to help our Nation’s Finest.


  • Direct Dollar Donations

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  • ROCKFEST 2019 Sponsorships

All sponsors receive recognition on WWS website, Facebook page and social media postings (20,000 social media reach).  In addition, sponsorship signage will be displayed at ROCKFEST 2019 and for the month prior throughout the restaurant media screens and table top announcement plaques.

ROCKFEST 2019 Donors

As of 5/18/2019

COLONOL Donors - $5,000+

Major Donors - $2,500+

  • Hightopps Backstage Grille

  • Gaines & Company

  • McShane Family

  • Chief Warrant Officer 2 Michael Bodnar & Mrs. Pia Civiletti

  • Janet Herbert

  • Erb Family

Captain Donors - $1,000+


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Semper Fit Incorporated DBA Warrior Wellness Solutions is inspired by the USMC’s Semper Fit Program, however the USMC has not approved, endorsed or authorized this activity, and no official connection exists between the USMC’s Semper Fit program and Warrior Wellness Solutions.


Warrior Wellness Solutions’s programming is aligned with the DOD philosophy of Total Force Fitness or TFF (pronounced TuFF).  TFF is not a “program” but rather a doctrine that espouses the simple truth that all of our Services embrace: people are more important than hardware and are the cornerstone of our Nation’s defense.   Several features of TFF need to be made clear. First, it encapsulates the tried and true principles of leadership that have served to keep militaries strong, disciplined, and peaked in their Warfighting abilities. Total Force Fitness is a leadership doctrine not a medical manual. It starts with the simple proposition that it is every leader’s responsibility to set the conditions for fitness at all levels and in all situations. Furthermore, while improving TFF the leader must be aware that fitness, total fitness, is holistic and encompasses both the mind and the body.


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